Farming is a noble and essential occupation, a profoundly spiritual way of life.
Ag Behavioral Health

Welcome to the agricultural behavioral health website. You can learn about the emerging field of agricultural behavioral health, access columns by Dr. Michael Rosmann, Ph.D. for the Iowa Farmer Today and other agriculture newspapers, learn where you can buy his book, Excellent Joy: Fishing, Farming, Hunting and Psychology, and obtain links to related websites and information.  

Agricultural behavioral health is the field of research and behavioral healthcare of the agricultural population. Agricultural behavioral health entails understanding the cultures of farmers, ranchers and others involved in the production of food and fiber, and increasingly, renewable energy. Agricultural behavioral health requires understanding the unique behavioral health issues of agricultural people and methods of restoring maladjusted behaviors to wellness.  

Farming – it’s in our genes. Most people who undertake farming, ranching and related occupations do so because of the Agrarian Imperative. The Agrarian Imperative is a purposeful drive to acquire the territory and resources necessary to undertake agricultural activities that lead to the production of food, fiber and renewable energy. The Agrarian Imperative is a basic human instinct.

You can contact Dr. Rosmann at the following address: 
Michael R. Rosmann, Ph.D., 1210 7th Street, Suite C, Harlan, IA 51537.  
Or by email: [email protected], or by telephone: 712-235-6100.
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